Kayak Fishing


It is well know to most that love to fish, the West Coast of Florida is a premier fishing territory round.  There are many reasons for this, but two of the top reasons are the year-round, enjoyable climate and the vast selection of fish available.  Most people think of the Florida Everglades as one or two particular types of terrain but that is not the case.  The Florida Everglades comprises a vast region, comprising over two million acres of wetland ecosystem reaching from central Florida near Orlando all the way south to Florida bay.    Though the Everglades is primarily a fresh-water ecosystem, it also encompasses 485,000 acres of the salty Florida Bay and Gulf of Mexico.  The area boasts several types of habitats including sawgrass marshes, open-water sloughs, cypress swamps, hardwood hammocks, mangrove swamps and pinelands.  All of these variations provide a wide variety of fish species with the conditions necessary to thrive and populate, making the Florida Everglades a spectacular fishing experience.

Kayak fishing in the Everglades is the best that fishing gets.  It is an ecologically responsible way to enjoy fishing as a sport, with zero carbon discharge, as well as providing the way to REALLY stalk the fish with a stealth approach.  It is highly enjoyable for fisherman of all skill levels and if it’s something you’ve thought about doing while your’e here, let us show you how 5 generations of local knowledge can give you the edge in catching the fish you want.
Everglades Map