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Pole Boat Tour




Taking a pole boat tour is the best way to experience the oldest, original way to see the mangrove jungle of south florida.  Collier-Seminole Nature Tours is the first and only company to offer private, guided pole boat tours.  Pole boats have been used for centuries by the Native Indian tribes and Gladesmen culture to hunt, fish and navigate the shallow marshes of the Florida Everglades.  Relax as you experience Florida culture and Eco Tourism at its’ finest with our authentic pole boat swamp safaris.  Explore the back country of the Collier- Seminole waterways with our naturalist skiffer guides.  Our stable pole boats have elevated, cushioned seats to ensure a comfortable ride with a picture-perfect view. Collier-Seminole Nature Tours’ private safaris can offer amazing opportunities to view elusive wildlife within the sub-tropical mangrove jungles.  This gondola-like tour offers a private, world-class Everglades experience.  We hope to be the highlight of your vacation while at the same time creating an appreciation and awareness of the importance of preserving our natural resources.  Our tours originate within Collier Seminole State Park, well known for its pristine waterways and abundant bird and wildlife sightings.  Touring the waterways in a pole boat offers the maximum opportunity to capture the beauty of the area, flora and fauna ‘hands-free’, as the guide gently poles you and your group through the shallow waterways.  Pole boat tours are perfect for families with children too young to paddle.  They offer a comfortable ride for both parents and children.

1 HR Eco Tour

ADULTS 45.00



Pole Boat Tour

All of our tours strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible adhering to International Ecotourism Society guidelines and principles.  Our tours depart three times daily by reservation, 7 days a week reservations required MAY 1-NOV1