$25  for up to 2 hrs

$10 per additional hour

$40 1/2 day (4hrs)

$60 full day(8hrs)

$90 overnight to Grocery place and 10,000 islands(8hrs


Take advantage of our canoe and kayak rentals and get out into the wilderness on your own!  Bring your family and friends to one of the most scenic, easy-to-navigate areas of water in the 10,000 island near marco island.  Collier Seminole Nature Tours is located within the beautiful grounds and facilities of Collier Seminole State Park.

Collier Seminole Nature Tours is conveniently located near Naples/Marco Island and is within 20 minutes of exits off I70 / Alligator Alley.  There are many exciting opportunities to enjoy nature and see the beauty of the mangrove Jungle at Collier Seminole State Park.  The area is host to a population of year-round wildlife and birds and during the winter months, migratory birds flock to sheltered areas within the park especially late in the day to feed.

The primary habitat in Collier Seminole State Park is red mangrove.  In the nearby area, there are three types of mangroves – red, white and black.  Red mangrove trees are characterized by their ‘walking roots’, making them very easy to spot.  Red mangrove trees are nicknamed ‘the walking tree’ as long seed pods form and drop, establishing new trees within the existing root structure of established trees.  Branches form on the more established trees and drop down long, lanky looking ‘arms’ that extend outward.  The trees continue to grow this way over many years, establishing large communities of these trees, also forming islands.  In addition, the caramel-red color water in the area is created by the red mangrove ‘tannin’ that leaches into the water and coloring it.
Traveling in the tunnels formed by these red mangrove trees and their root systems is a great deal of fun.  Our canoes ,kayaks and SUP paddleboards are perfect for navigating these tunnels easily.  Contact us today to plan your adventure and take advantage of our convenient, affordable kayak and SUP paddleboard rentals.